Meet NIFTIT Summer Interns

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posted by Linh Nguyen
on Aug 23, 2016

Straight out of Ho Chi Minh City, our four amazing Summer interns were natural rockstar developers. As the September semester begins, we are sad to see them go but also excited for their new school year. Here’s a snapshot of who they are and how much they love working at NIFTIT (obviously).

Khanh Bang Nguyen


A true Saigoner, Bang is an ambitious hustler who also enjoys making hilarious jokes at work. Can you guess his personal hero? Deadpool – minus the skin-tight costume. When asked why he aspires to be Deadpool, he casually mentioned that Deadpool got the girl at the end of the movie and he looks forward to unlocking that achievement in life. A younger Bang was also a professional gamer who crushed anyone who challenged him at Super Mario games. As a developer intern for NIFTIT Vietnam, he worked on HUFR project focusing on SharePoint and AngularJS. Bang loves the ‘team spirit’ and global working environment that NIFTIT provides and in the future he hopes to create new software for international companies.


Luong Bao Nguyen


Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Bao is a huge fan of American TV show, especially the Big Bang Theory and his personal hero is none other than the genius theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper. Bao, who aspires to be a scientist since he was five years old, is fascinated by science just like Sheldon. In his spare time, Bao enjoys reading biographies and books of famous scientists such as Einstein, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. A curious soul, Bao got into computer science major to expand his interest. He applied as an intern at NIFTIT Vietnam hoping to learn new knowledge by doing hands-on projects. By the end of the internship, he was proud of his accomplishments as an intern on the HUFR project focusing on both back-end and front-end development of the website.


Phuong Linh Nguyen


Linh, a Ho Chi Minh City native, nominated her older brother as one of her personal heroes because he was the one that inspires her to choose Information Technology major at university. “My brother always fixes my computer and it works again magically”, said Linh. A talented pianist, Linh’s former dream was to be a music teacher so that she can share and pass on her musical knowledge to others. “But life is full of surprises, and now I want to be a great developer,” said determined Linh. After graduating with flying colors, Linh found NIFTIT and instantly hooked on the international working environment and the opportunity to learn from the best in the field.

Quang Nam Huynh


This Saigon man has an incredible story to tell. Together with his older brother, Nam did tons of science experiments that not only got them into troubles (sometimes), but also to be contestants at local science competitions. There was one time when they almost destroyed the entire electrical system at their own house – luckily, no one got hurt! Today, Nam’s brother has a Ph.D in Chemistry from a French University while he is currently pursuing computer science for his bachelors degree and hopefully a masters degree in a related field. With an internship at NIFTIT, he hopes to fast track his learning curve by doing real world projects and working with foreign companies.


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