Perks of Office 365 Migration

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posted by Duc-Uy Lam
on Jun 19, 2017

Office 365 is Microsoft’s leading Enterprise IT environment. A driving force behind the evolution of how businesses are now run, Office 365 is a popular choice for those who are interested in either replacing or implementing a new intranet system. Many businesses choose to configure Microsoft Online as the hosting platform for their intranet first and foremost because of their familiarity with SharePoint, but it has additional advantages of which organizations are often unaware. For this reason, we have brought together a list of the top five discussion points as to why it is crucial for your business to take action on Office 365 migration.

1. Full MS Office Suite – Work Online

Office 365 Migration


Office 365 interacts seamlessly with the Microsoft programs with which you are already familiar, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher. The full MS Office Suite is accessible online, which means co-workers can instantly edit, comment, and review shared documents in real-time.

2. Everything On the Cloud

Not only can Office 365 integrate with your company’s on-premise series, but it is also accessible via the Cloud. Using the Cloud for your corporate solution offers numerous benefits, with one of the most important being the safety of data thanks to the Office 365 Trust Center. Another impressive benefit of moving to the Cloud is the amount of money organizations tend to save when maintenance on their local servers is drastically reduced.

3. Anytime, Anywhere Access

Office 365 Migration

Once they are connected to the Cloud by Office 365 migration, it allows users to access their email, calendars, contacts, important documents, and more on almost any device – including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Regardless of the operating system used on these devices, Office 365 is available and secure.

4. Easy Migration

Despite impressive technological developments that have improved the productivity of today’s platforms, many companies continue using out-of-date versions, fearing the task of migrating their information to a new database will be too difficult and large an endeavor. However, moving to Office 365 can actually be a simple process, regardless of your storage base currently in use. What is especially enticing about Office 365 is that – because it automatically updates itself as a Microsoft product – once you’ve made the move once, you will never need to migrate your data again!

5. Office 365 Data Protection and Backup

All companies are built on data, documents, and their effective use and storage. A loss of these resources would be disastrous, which is why Office 365’s data backup and security is one of its most important and desirable features.


So why wait? Office 365 migration can increase productivity, improve user accessibility to documents and important communications, keep data safe, and save you money. With the right strategy in place and a well-executed application of Office 365 to your database, you’ll quickly begin reaping the benefits of being at the forefront of such innovative platform tech.

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