Office 365 – How to Publish a Room Calendar

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posted by Phi-lac Nguyen
on Nov 06, 2018

The purpose of this article is to explain how to publish a room calendar using Microsoft Exchange Online with PowerShell. Following these instructions and making room calendars available for everyone to view on the intranet can make it easier to book a meeting room.

By default, a room calendar is not published. A user can get access to it by adding it from Outlook:
Room calendar

It is not convenient to manage room calendars the “classic” way, as it makes it difficult to tell when a room is available. If a company has 10 meeting rooms to manage, it is preferable to have a view for all of the room calendars.  

Here are the steps to follow to publish a room calendar: 

1. Connect to Exchange Online:  

In order to connect to Exchange Online with Powershell, the following script needs to be run: 

$UserCredential = Get-Credential 

$Session = New-PSSession –ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange –ConnectionUri -Credential $UserCredential -Authentication Basic –AllowRedirection 

Import-PSSession $Session –DisableNameChecking 

 2. Publish The Room Calendar: 

Set-MailboxCalendarFolder -Identity [email protected]:\calendar -PublishEnabled $true 

You can verify if the command works by executing this command: 

Get-MailboxCalendarFolder -Identity [email protected]:\calendar 

 3. Enable More Details: 

This step is required to get the URL of the calendar: 

Get-MailboxCalendarFolder -Identity [email protected]:\calendar -DetailLevel Full 

 4. Get The URL of The Room Calendar: 

 Get-MailboxCalendarFolder -Identity [email protected]:\calendar 

The URL should appear as in the below screenshot:  

room calendar


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