Office 365 – How to Use Content Search

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posted by Phi-lac Nguyen
on Jul 24, 2018

Office 365 provides a feature called Content Search that is a part of Microsoft’s Security and Compliance. This feature allows users to search for a mailbox, a document, and more based on multiple conditions. The URL to get access to Microsoft’s Security and Compliance is the following:  

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Export a Mailbox    

The “old” way for an administrator to export a mailbox is by using Outlook. Basically, the administrator resets the password of the account then configures Outlook with the user’s mailbox that the administrator wants to export (or backup). Once Outlook synchronizes the mailbox’s content, it will create a data file.  

It is now possible to export a mailbox from Exchange Online with the Content Search feature on Office 365. This export only requires the eDiscovery permission (see the following screenshot).  

content search


I’m going to describe how to export a mailbox with the new experience for Office 365. All you have to do is follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the section Search & Investigation, then Content Search 
  2. New search.  
  3. Enter the email address of the mailbox.  

content search

  1. Specify the location.  
content search
  1. Click on Save & Run, then name your query.  

At this point, you will see a preview of your Search result. Just go back to the Search section and you will spot your Search query name. Select your query and click on Export Results:

 content search

  1. You will see multiple export choices, such as the following:  

content search

  1. Go to the Export tab to download the result of the previous steps (this action requires Internet Explorer or Edge). A tool has to be downloaded and launched.  

content search

  1. Copy and paste the key into the eDiscovery Export tool.  

 content search

You must choose the location, then you are done! 

List All Documents in SharePoint   

This walkthrough is helpful for when you want to list all documents based on the last date they were modified. 

In the Search section, add the following condition:  

 content search

Then chose the desired date (for this example, three years was used).   content searchThen select SharePoint as the location.  

 content search

Once you are done, run the query. The export steps will be the same as for the mailbox (shared above).   

More details about this feature can be found at this link:


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