Overview About SharePoint Library For Beginners

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posted by Nam Huynh
on Aug 02, 2017

“What is Sharepoint? Why do we use Sharepoint for our business? Sharepoint Power? SharePoint Library?”. There was a lot of questions in my mind about Sharepoint, so I did some research and decided to share with you about SharePoint Library.

What is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a platform for storing documents, collaboration, managing workflows, and processes. The platform makes it easy for you and your colleagues to communicate whether it’s one-on-one, in teams, or with the whole company. Last but not least, Sharepoint allows user customizations to adapt to their requirements.

There are two types of Microsoft deployment options:

  1. on your on-premises environment
  2. via Microsoft Office 365 (cloud hosted SharePoint environment)

Sharepoint Library

You can create, update and manage files with your team members in Document Library. You can also customize your library to easily organize folders and files to:

  1. Track who uploaded and checked in or checked out the files
  2. Review the version history of the document
  3. Share the document

Any columns in Library could be sorted by Ascending, Descending or other details provided.

SharePoint Library SharePoint Library

Upload a new file to Library

SharePoint Library

File when in Check Out Status (a small arrow appear in the icon image)

 SharePoint Library

Check in the document and write down your comment.

SharePoint Library

File when you checked in.

Check In: when a document is uploaded, only that user can view that file. You need to have an action called “Check In” to publish your documents so that all the team members in your site can see it.

Check Out: a Document in “Check Out” is the status when you just uploaded or when you want to edit a file in the document library. If you want to edit that file, you have to check out that file first and then you can update it.

Discard Check Out: you could “Discard Check Out” when you want to discard any changes that you have made.

Finally, tracking “Version History” is useful in Sharepoint. From here you can view all the versions of documents, restore the version that you want if you found a mistake in the latest version, check all the comments, etc.

SharePoint Library


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