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Vacation Cash Out Tool To Ease HR Management Process

Camarena Health incorporated in 1978 and opened its doors in September of 1980 in a renovated facility with a modest practice of 1,500 medical patients. Over the last 30-plus years Camarena Health have grown to become one of the largest local community-based health care providers, offering both medical and dental services to nearly 25,000 patients in five state of the art facilities.

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Camarena Health (CH) came to NIFTIT requesting a tool to ease their human resources management process. NIFTIT developed the Vacation Cash Out Request tool built on SharePoint 2013 that allows CH employees to gain visibility over the time off they’re allowed to and requesting vacation days. Using the SharePoint workflows and forms, the request for each employee will be redirected to their managers for approval. The tracking tool provides the managers with tremendous insights on HR management at a higher (executive) level.