How NIFTIT Helped Reading Habit Library with Its Website Project

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posted by Truong Nguyen
on Nov 04, 2019

Reading Habit Library is a community of learning and nurturing that provides free educational material to the public. Established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Reading Habit Library hopes to improve the literacy skills of all – especially those who are new to the wonderful world of reading.

The organization needed a website for a new project called Saigon Family. With their new endeavor, Reading Habit Library wants to help parents encourage their children to learn by collecting and sharing information about free workshops, outdoor activities, and classes hosted in HCMC’s District 2. Their pro-bono work inspired NIFTIT to contribute to this amazing cause by creating a website that would spread Saigon Family’s message to the community. 

All the requirements provided by Reading Habit Library have been successfully implemented, including the following:

Design & Branding 

NIFTIT Creative aimed to align the site’s visual communications with its target audience by using bright and engaging colors. The front-end also utilizes a simple layout for intuitive navigation by site visitors of all ages.

Content Management 

We built the Saigon Family site on WordPress. The platform’s advanced plugins were installed by our team to allow Saigon Family staff to update the latest events and classes with ease. Moreover, we also provide the staff with guidance and sufficient technical knowledge to use their WordPress site efficiently.

Social Media Integration 

Social media is one of the most popular marketing channels for spreading interest in a new website. NIFTIT embedded the Saigon Family Facebook into their website to acquire more followers on the social media platform. 

Contact Form & Google Maps API 

NIFTIT created a contact form for users to receive the latest information from Saigon Family via email. We also added a Google Maps API to the site so that users can quickly find the location of upcoming events and activities in HCMC.

“Saigon Family is a non-profit organization, so finance is our biggest challenge. We would say that the working experience with NIFTIT was so good that we have nothing to complain about! NIFTIT helped our company spread this non-profit project to the community easier and faster. I definitely would recommend NIFTIT’s services to my colleagues and business partners.” – Mai Phuc Loc, Representative of Reading Habit Library

With NIFTIT’s website services, Saigon Family will be able to bring the latest and the most interesting activities to all families in HCMC. NIFTIT wishes all the best to Reading Habit Family in their social activities and we are willing to support them with our IT solutions.

Visit Saigon Family website:
Read the case study here


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