NIFTIT proudly supports non-profits around the world by developing solutions for their IT needs. In 2015, NIFTIT worked with Partage Vietnam, a non-profit that focuses on making education more accessible to children in the Mekong Delta region.





Partage Vietnam came to NIFTIT with several IT needs and a limited budget. As a non-profit, Partage’s daily operations rely heavily on donations from generous donors, thus putting their IT needs at a low priority. From the initial meeting, NIFTIT saw an opportunity to boost Partage’s web presence and improve both their internal and external communications.


Inspired by Partage Vietnam’s amazing work, NIFTIT offered its services pro bono to implement IT solutions meant to simplify daily operations and facilitate smoother communication within the organization. The two month project’s scope included Office 365 integration and implementation, Exchange Server migration, SharePoint Public Site creation, and IT training for Partage staff. Using these new technologies, Partage is now able to increase its productivity and communications, consistently brand its message using @partage-vn.org emails, display its information seamlessly on the website, and easily connect with its community of donors.


With its new and improved website and communication tools, Partage Vietnam is able to fundraise more donations from private and corporate donors, which has led to amazing social impacts on its target community.




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NIFTIT is proud to support Partage VN’s work of building schools in the Mekong Delta region, which is a mission that transforms lives by giving the community a future through education.

For the past two years, Partage VN has been building and renovating school buildings in the Mekong Delta region to make education more accessible to children in the community. Before the project started, not only were existing schools hard to reach, but they were also in extremely poor condition.



“There was no electricity, walls were crumbling apart, and the desks were very old. During the rainy season, it was unbearable. We endure storms, darkness, and heavy rain daily. The old roof was made with tin and the rain slamming it was really noisy; the children could not even hear the teacher, and without electricity, [the board] was hardly visible.”

– Dinh Thi Tinh, Director of Hieu School




With the #School4VN campaign, Partage VN aims to end the struggle for education access in the Mekong Delta region and ultimately change lives, but they can’t do it alone. In addition to NIFTIT’s help, they need more supporters to make it possible. Get involved in Partage Vietnam’s mission in any way you can; here, we’ve provided a few ideas to help you start:




Did you know that 100% of your donations will go directly to the field to fund school development projects in the Mekong Delta region? Your donation could buy one child a seat in a classroom.







Use the #School4VN hashtag to share this cause with your network. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We’d love to hear how you want to get involved in the campaign.







Partage VN welcomes passionate individuals to volunteer at its office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the cause beyond this campaign.





Last year alone – with help from NIFTIT – Partage VN managed to fund three more school development projects in the community. With your support, we want to amplify the impact of this project. Together, let’s build more schools to help children in the Mekong Delta claim their fundamental right to education and encourage them to hope for a brighter future.