Schools’ Directors Interview

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posted by Hung Quach
on Sep 25, 2015

This blog article is a complement to the #School4VN video campaign. Visiting the Cau Ke District in the Mekong Delta with, we have had the chance to visit many schools which are helped by Partage VietNam. Realizing all the great achievement made by Ms Hoang and her staff, we had had the opportunities to interview Mr Giang and Ms Dinh who told us more about the project ongoing.

Interview of Giang Kim Tinh, Director of the Chau Dien B School

The first day in Cau Ke District we visited Chau Dien B School, where Partage Vietnam helped renovate two classrooms. We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Giang Kim Tinh, the director of the school. He gave us more details about the project run by PVN.


“Partage Vietnam came to us one year ago because we were in need. We have six classrooms in this school, but two were very old. There was no electricity, walls were crumbling apart, and the desks were very old. During the dry season it was fine because it’s sunny all day, but during the rainy season (five months per year) it was unbearable. We endure storms, darkness, and heavy rain daily.

The old roof was made with tin and the rain slamming it was really noisy; the children could not even hear the teacher, and without electricity, it was hardly visible. Today, it is much more comfortable. Teachers, children, and parents are happy. Even during the rainy season, the conditions for teaching are perfect. We thank Partage VN for their help – it’s great for the education in Vietnam, and – above all – for children’s futures.”

Interview of Dinh Thi Tinh

The first day in Cau Ke District we visited many schools. Some were renovated, while some were in the process of renovation. Hieu School is one of the schools on which work is currently being done. When we arrived, some builders were working and we saw Dinh Thi Tinh, the director, who came personally to welcome us. She knew that someone was on the way to film and had dressed in traditional Vietnamese attire. She was delighted to meet Ms. Hoang (head of PVN) and very excited to see us as well. She gave us more details about how Partage VN was helping them to build the school.


“Here at Hieu school, we only have two classrooms, but we saw the number of schoolchildren increase in the past few years. Our school became too small for them, and Partage Vietnam helped us to build two new classrooms, which will welcome 40 new children. It is still under construction, but this help is very welcomed by the professors, especially for the sanitation that was before… non-existent.

With this major progress, our work will be easier, especially for the teachers and the children. Our education system will be more efficient, and everyone will have better conditions to study; giving a lesson to 25 children is better than to 40 children! Everyone in the staff seems happier, and the children [do], too!

The help provided by PVN was unexpected for a small school like us, but we really appreciated and wanted to thank Ms. Hoang and her staff.”