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posted by Kim Hong
on Jul 15, 2019

The Modern SharePoint experience has provided users with a new feature called News Link, which is a part of the News web part. It is a great addition that allows you to quickly publish a story by simply using its URL. If you haven’t mastered this feature yet, read on and let this article show you the way.

What is News Link? 

Today, the News web part in Modern SharePoint is greatly improved and comes with all sorts of advantages. It allows you to easily publish and share links with your team, colleagues, and business partners.  

News Link automatically retrieves all the content, images, and descriptions associated with a URL when you add it to the web part. Using this feature, you can change the cover photo or edit content on your SharePoint site to make the link more appealing to your target audience. Unfortunately, this time-saving feature is not available in SharePoint Server 2019.  

The Ultimate Guide to Add a News Link 

With News Link, you can add a link from your organization’s internal site or from another website, and the content will appear as a news post. Here are the detailed steps: 

Step 1: Start on the page to which you want to share the post. From the top left of the Home page, click +New, then choose News link

If your site looks different and doesn’t have News link in the menu, you need to add the News web part to the page, select +Add, and from there click on News link

Step 2: Enter your URL into the Link field to import the article to your site

Step 3: If you want to modify the content, click on Edit news link details and you will see several fields: 

  • The Title field is your news post’s name, which will be shown on the Home page as a preview of your post. 
  • Description is used as a subtitle or brief summary of the post. A good description is around 160-200 words. 
  • Add/Change Thumbnail will change the featured image that appears on the Home page. Click Open to select the photo. 

Step 4: When you have made the desired edits to your post, click Post to publish the link. 

Time to Practice 

Now that you know the basics, give news links a try! This is a simple way to bring interest and new information to your organization’s site. 


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