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posted by Khoa Quach
on Apr 29, 2019

This year has seen an enthusiasm from within the community and organizations alike in the adoption of the new SharePoint Modern Experience. After all, it makes sense – the interface is clean, professional, and responsive, and time spent on page creation is minimized. The power users out there know that the Modern Experience is also mistake-proof for the most common end users, as little harm can be done to the site layout or visuals (no more destructive master page or page layout boo-boos!).

For those of you already creating Communications or Team sites under the new experience, you are aware of the two most common layout samples:

  • The landing page
  • The blog page

But what are some other layouts that can be used with the Modern Experience? Here are some examples:

The “Meet Your Team/Leads/Execs” Layout

This is a pretty simple layout and an effective way to present information. If you have key team members or executives that you would like to introduce, then the one-third — two-thirds layout is a classic. Simply drop an image web part on the left and a text editor on the right to do the job!

"Meet your Team/Leads/Execs" Layout

The “FAQ/Wiki” Layout

Adding lists of links on the right side as well as a simple Microsoft form (Was this article helpful? Yes/No) will give you the look of a FAQ/Wiki page.

"FAQ/Wiki" Layout

The “Photo/Video” Library

Simple and efficient, if you have media assets to expose or training sessions to share, this layout is a perfect fit. 

"Photo/Video" Library

The “Forum/Water Cooler” Page

At times too simplistic, this page is not essential if you already leverage Microsoft Teams within your organization. However, if you need space for a bit of unstructured discussion, simply use an empty page and let people start adding their comments. 

"Forum/Water Cooler" Page for people to start comments

I am sure there are tons of other ideas out there, so if you care to share, just drop a message below. I am looking forward to reading about your layout ideas!


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