[Infographic] The Incredibility of Social Media For Business

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posted by Linh Nguyen
on Dec 14, 2016

For social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. are well-known for the millennial generation. That is another name for every business main target market. The question here is, do you even know how incredible the social media for business is?

Social what-dia?

(Well I think we can all answer this question)

The Internet never sleeps. So does social media. Instead of writing emails or letters and then sending them to the post office, social network makes it much easier for people to communicate with each other in just a blink of an eye (provided that they have the internet with their technology).

Every age is using these tools i.e. Facebook Messenger, Viber, Google Hangouts, etc. but I am sure that not all understand what the definition of social media is. People use it to replace the old way of communicating. They can have texting conversations 24/7, sharing images/videos, voice calls and/or even video calls whenever you are available, check out what others have been doing recently. I mean basically, the invention of the Internet has made the human being more capable of multitasking in mili-seconds. But the invention of social media has brought us to the next level of evolution.

Since users log on to social media for around 118 minutes per day, businesses are starting to invest in the e-market more than ever in comparison with other years. Networkers tend to utilize different features all the time without realizing they are gradually addicted to the social mediums. Channels and tools are developed at its maximum speed to please users to catch up with the fast flow of the world trends. It also provides the latest news and sometimes even creates the streams that you are following. So that’s why, admit it, you use social media all the time, don’t you?


Business Needs Social Media

…and vice versa. Raise your (invisible) hands if anyone ask you these two questions: “Does the business need social media?”, Or “Does social media need the business?”. What was your answer? Were the answers both be YES or NO? Were them different? Well, personally, if my answer to one of these two questions (or both), I would probably respond very neutrally that both need each other at some point.
It’s easy! Social mediums are based on the needs, wants and demands of the Internet users. Businesses have to research and please the needs, wants and demands of the Internet users. Social media is somehow considered the tools for most businesses to reach to their target market. Networkers are separated into different types of hobbies when they surf the internet and/or using the social network. The social medium can identify who likes what. Therefore, the businesses, gradually, move from indirect marketing to direct marketing just by online methods adopting social media. For example, GoPro Instagram account GoPro Instagram account opens a campaign called Photo of The Day. This campaign allows customers of GoPro to upload their photos taken by cameras of this brand and the official account will “re-gram” the best chosen one. It urges people who had GoPro to take more beautifully raw images of life but also tries to tell non-users that how impressive their quality is. The campaign is still on fellas!


And now, check out this splendid infographic made by iDigic.net and learn how the statistics tell you about social media for business

social media for business