3 Ways to Get Up to Speed On SharePoint Portal Server

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on Jun 06, 2017

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server is an enterprise collaborative portal application based on the Windows SharePoint Services platform. Comparing to its brother, the Portal Server has more functions such as search of external content sources and personalization features. It also enhances its navigation, enabling businesses to organize and aggregate all their information in one central web-based application. Check out three ways to get up to speed on SharePoint Portal Server!

Understand the differences between Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server

Built on Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server is a secure, scalable, enterprise portal server. It helps users create, manage and build their own collective intranet or websites throughout their organization. Therefore, sharing information becomes easier with functions such as navigation, search, application integration and personalization. The main difference between them is their focus and intended usage. As for the users, the cost of Windows SharePoint Services is free. To help you clarify this comparison, take a look at the table below:

Integrating SharePoint Portal Server with Data Protector

SharePoint Portal Server

This integration connects Portal Server management software with Data Protector. From SharePoint Portal Server point of view, Data Protector is referred to a media management utility. Its objects can be seen as a data source for backup to media controlled by Data Protector. The Data Protector Session Manager issues backup or restores requests to the front-end Web server system using the Portal Server API. Then, front-end web server system queries to the clients that need to be involved in the backup or restores process and starts the Data Protector agents on these clients. The agents establish a connection with the Session Manager, and the data flow starts. This helps the system run more smoothly.

Integrating SharePoint Portal Server 2001 with Microsoft Azure Functions

 SharePoint Portal Server

Jussi Roine, a Microsoft MVP wrote an article about his experience in building a real integration between SPS2001 with a custom Azure Function. Using only four lines of PowerShell, about five lines of C#, and a bit of VBScript on the SharePoint side, he was able to integrate a collaboration platform from 2001 with a 2017 global cloud-based serverless platform. The integration of his demo was quite simple – but powerful. You can check out his blog here.

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