SharePoint Saturday Hong Kong: A Recap

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posted by Linh Nguyen
on Oct 01, 2016

Now, let’s have a look at SharePoint Saturday Hong Kong recap, or in other words, happy monthiversary SPS Hong Kong!

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Many of us still have the vibe in vain, furthermore, we cannot deny the fact that SharePoint Saturday Hong Kong 2016 has connected so many people with mutual minds. Not only speakers got to know other MVPs, MCTs, MCP, etc. but the attendees also had the opportunities to meet more SharePoint lovers from both Hong Kong and worldwide. Approximately 30 attendants came and gladly enjoyed the day.


“Throwback” to the event, there were 5 incredible presentations were made. To remind you of how beautiful and unforgettable they were, let me show you the pictures and slideshows each.

Davide Begvenue SPSHK

The first one is about Azure AD: Enterprise-Grade Identity Provider For Your Applications presented by Davide Benvegnù


And then comes the presentation from Aaron Hui about Design a Mobile Workflow Solution on Office 365 and SharePoint Without Coding.

Central Park Co-Working Space SPSHK

After 2 first demonstrations, there was a small tea break serving coffee and tea and drinks for attendees. The Central Park Co-Working Space was amazing to have a SharePoint Saturday event medium size. Bright windows look towards the high trees and sunny beautiful weather that day.

Russ Norton SPSHK

Welcoming the third presenter, Russ Norton, with the topic about Content Types: The Backbone of Your Information Architecture, people got to understand more clearly and know about the 3GROW (link) courses.

Hoang Nhut Nguyen MVP

The next MVP Hoang Nhut Nguyen, who came all the way from NIFTIT Vietnam office, presented Business Intelligent Solution for Office365 SharePoint Online.