The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

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posted by Jessica
on May 21, 2015

Since the passing of the 1974 Equal Credit Act women have made great strides in establishing their place in the entrepreneurial world. As stated in the infographic, it is projected that by 2018 women will have created more than half of new small business jobs in the U.S.

The current modern feminist movement can be credited for the large push for female business leaders in various fields, specifically the need for female voices in STEM industries.

Of course, the glass ceiling isn’t falling just yet. Women founders still receive very little of the annual seed capital handed over to investors each year. And the number of tech start-ups with female co-founders is still very low. Female-focused incubators and networking organizations are looking to change all this. Check out the graphic below to see how far female entrepreneurs have come and where they’re going next.



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Source: Online Business Degree