Top 15 Most-Funded Startups in Vietnam

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posted by Jessica
on Apr 12, 2016

Startups in Vietnam, especially e-commerces, are playing a huge role in Vietnam’s burgeoning tech scene. Conservative estimates put last year’s e-commerce revenues around US$500 million, while some more liberal analysts believe the figure is as high as US$1 billion, according to Tech in Asia.

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To create the infographic below, Tech in Asia sifted through piles of data and funding announcements to piece together just how much investment each of Vietnam’s largest e-commerce startups has received. While most prefer to stay mum on the amount of money they’ve injected into their project, the number of investors in a given startup – as well as the names of those investors – says something about each venture’s funding. You’ll find a few familiar names among the top 15 startups in Vietnam.

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