Top 25 Volunteer Management Software For NPTech Community

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posted by Linh Nguyen
on May 18, 2016

There is a trending term that has been around for a while in the non-profit world – NPTech or ‘Non-profit Technology’. A group of non-profit leaders started NPTech community as a platform to share information about the latest technologies and tools for non-profits to help them scale their impact. One of the most sought after tools in the NPTech community is Volunteer Management software.


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From doing tedious filing work to teaching kids in a remote village, volunteers are essential in helping non-profits achieve their world-changing impact. A non-profit can have tens to hundreds of volunteers and managing or keeping track of them without the proper tool can be a hassle. Here is our favorite volunteer management software that we think every non-profit should know:






Pricing: from $25 – $150/month

CERVIS allows you to use email and text message for communication with any individual or groups of volunteers which are gathered in a particular persona. This software also helps you send out reminder emails and texts to remind volunteers of the time and date, event information, etc. CERVIS is also awesomely kindness that it will send “Thank you” emails to volunteers. This way volunteers think you care for them as much as the project, so for sure they will be back for you more events later on.





Pricing: from $39/month (Free trial available)

VolunteerHub has been around since 1996, and it is still one of the top recommended volunteer management software by non-profits. VH is what people shorten for this tool. With VH, non-profits can manage attendance, the events calendar and human resources of the volunteer. Like any other platforms, it also has reminders and full schedule alerts to every volunteer. People choose VH for its longevity, and they believe VH for its trustworthy features.






Pricing: from $9/month (details below)

Volgistic was founded in 2004 with a huge number of users feedback well about them. This platform lets you manage your volunteer database from any computer you can think of, remote working check! For the volunteers, they can use this platform to fill out applications, submit their schedule preferences and even self-schedule, and it is on Cloud so make yourself “at home”! However, the pricing of Volgistic is a little bit complicated. It does not cost you at start-up, licensing or any additional fees for support or upgrades. You just pay a low (minimum of $9) per month with no long-term contract. This minimum price allows you to manage 50 volunteer records and store the archived ones as well and have two system operators.






Pricing: From $4.99/month (Free account at first)

VolunteerSpot makes it easiest for users to use. They provide the calendar for planning shifts, jobs and bringing supplies in a blink of an eye. Not much different from others, VolunteerSpot reminds automatically via email, send thank you notes, easy sign-ups, etc. But not that it does not have identical features. VolunteerSpot grants smartphones, tablets, etc. users adopt it quite quick with the sync and Clipboard app to sign up for iPad. The most awesome thing is all the listed features above are all free of charge! If you wish to have ten assistant organizers plus more than 30 participants, the price starts from $4.99/month. There are extra highlights, like track participants’ hours and report, customizable activities registration fields (e.g., T-shirt sizes, group affiliation, teacher’s name, child’s name).




Better impact


Pricing: from $395 life-time fee

BetterImpact is a software just right for non-profits to manage the volunteers. Its features include references, criminal background checks, training, traits, qualifications, interests, hours and recognition, occasional, one-off, ongoing volunteers and/or groups, sometimes with all volunteers and sometimes just the right mix of them and volunteer numbers, hours, accomplishments and demographics. With the price starting from $395 one-time pay, you will get unlimited administrators, telephone support, email and ticketed support, searchable knowledgebase with videos, a half hour consultation to help you transition into Volunteer Impact, membership in the Better Impact Online Community, volunteer Time Clock, smartphone access for volunteers. The more you pay, the “better impact” you can make with BetterImpact.


There are so many more platforms/software you can trust. Here are a few we can list:

  1. Volunteer Software
  2. Campaign Engine
  3. Complete Campaign
  4. CrowdRise
  5. DonorQuest
  6. Ebase
  7. Samaritan Technologies
  8. Extraordinaries
  9. GIFT (GiftsFriends&Time)
  10. Giftworks
  11. Givezooks!
  13. Income Manager 2000
  14. MacDonald Youth Service Directory
  15. NABUUR
  17. ROVIR
  18. ShiftPlanning
  19. Sumac
  20. VolunteerMatch


Just when starting up a project, every non-profit must think of the presence of the volunteers. In the progress, you shall think of how to get their attention, how to make it easy for them to sign up for you, how to set up the schedule that fits all of their time, how to train them, how to manage their profiles and status. But you still have so many other things important to focus on running the enterprise. Worry no more! There are plenty of volunteer management platforms/software to help you with all the work about the volunteers. We have listed 25; but please add more by commenting on the comment box below.