TOP 5 Hanoi Co-working Spaces For True Creators

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posted by Linh Nguyen
on Apr 29, 2016

Some numbers shows compare 2010 to 2012; Co-Working spaces establishments have increased by 400%. Not to mention is growing stronger and stronger every day. NIFTIT had shown you the ones in Saigon in our last blog. Now it’s time for TOP 5 Hanoi Co-working Spaces – the capital land of Vietnam.

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Freelancers are seriously at risk of having no suitable places to work. Working at home for them is common, but will it be suitable? Neighbors’ noises, loneliness prevents brainstorming, and if you are not an introvert kind of person, definitely you will be desperate after just a few hours working alone. How about moving to the local coffee shop? Food and drinks which are always ready for you, though it may cost, surrounded with full of people, no more Mr.Lonely. Think about it! We can not avoid annoying customers coming in continuously. It might spark a chance that if you sit there for too long with just a drink, you will soon be kicked out of the café. No need to fear, Co-Working spaces are here!



Vietnam startups and entrepreneurs are developing rapidly. But most of them would need to have their offices, their teamwork spots and, crucially, their private meeting rooms. The births of Co-Working spaces pop up gradually. Hanoi is one of the centers for the creative community to express themselves. So for your information, here are top 5 highly recommended Hanoi Co-Working spaces:


1. TOONG coworking space




Location: 3rd-4th Fl. 8 Trang Thi street, Hoan Kiem district
Price: from 90.000VND/day

TOONG is the top search for co-working space in Hanoi. Almost everyone lists it first and foremost when being asked. Lying in the city center, on the 3rd and 4th floor at 8 Trang Thi street, Hoan Kiem district, TOONG also has the second branch at 98 To Ngoc Van street, Tay Ho district. Both of the locations are very easy to be found even for the worst Directional Dyslexia person. Under the slogan “Hanoi’s truly coworking space for creators”, TOONG includes offices, café and even a house that makes you feel exactly like home with the atmosphere in a clubhouse. It gives you access to have individually adjustable seats, virtual office, meeting room and events venues as well. The minimum price is 90.000VND/day that will allow you to the desks and chairs, free tea and coffee.


2. Hanoihub




Name: Hanoihub
Location: No.2 alley 59 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District
Price: from 70.000VND/3 hours

Located at No.2 alley 59 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoihub is an “Open space for your open mind”. This ideal co-working space has various areas that you can freely discover around, access to fundamentally free wifi, free food and beverage, library, meeting rooms, printer/scanner/copier, PCs, relax room and even open air garden by the house. For only 70.000VND, you can access in all for 3 hours.


3. iHouse – Garden co-working space



Name: iHouse
Location: alley 101 Dao Tan Street, Ba Dinh district
Price: from 150.000VND/day

Says it begins, “turn to your right when you reach the end of alley 101 Dao Tan Street” in Ba Dinh district is the fascinating address that you can find iHouse. Based on just the name of the place, anyone can guess the main concept here; thus, they call themselves as “a ‘Garden View’ space designed for work.” This co-working space has meeting rooms, free F&B (there’s beer), free parking (hell yes!) printer/scanner/copier and the internet is Fiber Connection 20MB. The opening hours are stable from Monday to Saturday 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM. The package for daily entrance starts from 150.000VND/day, and it obliges you to services of iHouse.


4. Click space



Name: Clickspace
Location: No.15 alley 76 To Ngoc Van street, Tay Ho district
Price: from 1.200.000VND/month

Click space has one of the best locations in Hanoi, which is just right around the corner of the gorgeous West Lake. The address is No.15 alley 76 To Ngoc Van street, Tay Ho district. The unique thing about Click space is that it divides into two main services: Spacebar co-working space and Clickspace co-working member-zone. Spacebar is like a café, but it also combines co-working seats, food, and drinks, etc. Clickspace is more professional as a co-working space as only members use it. The internet bandwidth in Clickspace co-working member zone is five times faster, there are rooms for only member can entry, up to 100 free pages to print/scan/copy every month, food and beverage are discounted and desk-served, Clickspace events always prefer and discount tickets for them. Last but not least, there is somehow a connection with the Family Medical Practice Hanoi because Clickspace also provides commissions for consultations, maternity, and vaccination. From Tuesday – Saturday they open from 8 AM – 10 PM, particularly on Sunday from 8 AM – 6 PM and Monday from 8 AM – 7 PM. For the member accessibility costs you 1.200.000VND/month.


5. Coffice



Name: Coffice
Location: No.38 Ham Long Street, Hoan Kiem District
Price: from 147.000VND/day

Coffice situated at No.38 Ham Long Street, Hoan Kiem District is one of the highly recommended anticafé in Hanoi by the creative community. Opens daily from 8 AM – 10 PM, Coffice grants you F&B, high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, library, printer/scanner/copier, etc. The genesis for the pricing starts from 147.000VND/day. However, if you sign up as a member, you will only have to pay 88.000VND/day for the following days.


The co-working spaces are getting much more common in Vietnam startup community. It is considered to be the second home for freelancers as sometimes the time they spend there are much more than the time they spend at home. That is why NIFTIT wants to show you TOP 5 co-working spaces in Hanoi so that you can update and go as soon as you feel like starting to become an entrepreneur. It is a trend!


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