Meet And Greet With Magento

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posted by Matias Orlando
on Nov 24, 2016

Magento is an e-commerce framework trusted by the world’s leading brands. It is an open source and omnichannel solution. It also empowers merchants to amazing digital shopping experiences by developing their e-commerce website.

This e-commerce framework provides a flexible shopping cart system and tools for a significant control over the look, the content and the functionality for every online shop. Its variety of modules and themes brings an amazing and secure online shopping experience to the customers.

It’s already been used by over 200,000 online retailers and chosen by 1 of every four online shops. This framework offers powerful marketing, content & catalog management tools, therefore it is SEO friendly.

Magento is scalable and also enables online stores with fewer products. Simply it needs to expand to tens among thousands of products and complex custom behavior without even changing platforms. That also allows developers to substantially customize their e-commerce store while offering numerous functions to increase utility.

In another word, this is the most brilliant e-commerce platforms for the online merchants of today.

Here are 10 key elements that make Magento a successful e-commerce platform for your business:

  1. Highly rated security

    magento security


    Every e-commerce store needs to have a hack-proof system. The whole system of Magento is always tested by experts searching for defects and clearing them by uploading patches.

  3. Open Source Software
  4. Additionally, Magento is going to evolve more and will always get better. It’s easier to access and ensures a higher security for users.

  5. Efficient search engine optimization

    magento SEO


    This platform makes the optimization of e-commerce websites easier and manages efficiently page traffic, duplicate content, landing page, indexing, etc.

  7. Outstanding user experience
  8. Its features create an excellent user experience and customer satisfaction.

  9. High scalability
  10. They have written Magento in PHP, so we can easily add and scale new features.

  11. Numerous features available
  12. It offers characteristics that support advanced search, wish lists, layered navigation, product comparisons, grouped products, multi-store features, email lists and a content management system for static pages.

  13. Enormous flexibility


    The flexibility of Magento can be utilized depending on the budget, the requirements and the size of each business. There are various themes and templates available as well.

  15. Mobile-friendly configuration
  16. It becomes a must for every online retailer to choose a mobile-friendly platform. The apps allow storing integration across multiple mobile devices. Thus, Magento is the best e-commerce choice for your business.

  17. Multiple store management
  18. In usage, it can run multiple stores from one harmonized backend system. If you are maintaining multiple stores for multiple brands, Magento is your e-commerce solution!

  19. Geographically unlimited

    magento international


    If your e-commerce store supplies to an international audience, language and currency are important factors. The e-commerce platform will vanish these boundaries and makes it possible to shop from almost all over the world.

In no denial, Magento is the best choice of e-commerce platform today.