Why Good SharePoint Design Is Important

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posted by Jessica
on May 28, 2017

SharePoint is a very popular platform for collaboration, used by organizations large and small. It’s flexible and relatively easy to build with lots of features such as document, libraries, task lists, calendars, and the like. However, many users have admitted that SharePoint can be hard to work with everyday. It’s basic, and a little boring – but it’s functional! So answering the burning question: why is SharePoint design is essential?

Bad SharePoint Design = Low User Adoption

Developing a SharePoint site is a huge investment for organizations of any size that should not be taken lightly. Having spent a lot of resources, from requirement gathering to designing and implementing to educating users, you want your employees to fully utilize the platform to increase internal collaboration and work productivity. The key to having a successful SharePoint site is having your users to adopt it. If your SharePoint site is clunky, doesn’t offer any improvement over the way things were done before HarePoint, then you have a bad SharePoint and the effort (and money) put into it will have been wasted.

Make Users Love Using SharePoint

Sure you can use the default SharePoint theme, but it is important that the style of your SharePoint site fits your corporate identity and color scheme. Your SharePoint site needs to be an extension of your business rather than a separate entity. This approach in designing your SharePoint site will promote usage internally and you’ll see user adoption increase. Check out our CEO webinar on SharePoint branding for a more in-depth tutorial and insights on the topic.

Design is Vital for Successful Implementation

A fully-fledged SharePoint implementation is designed to form the information backbone of your organization. As such, it will touch upon and affect every area of your business. It should be viewed as a great opportunity to ‘get your house in order’. In order for the design to be correct, all different parts of the business must be consulted and requirements gathered to capture how users intend to use SharePoint functionalities, how sites should be structured, what lists and libraries they need, and so on. This will help establish a great foundation to build and design your SharePoint site in ways that make sense to your users.


Good SharePoint Design, then Good Governance

Now that you have a nice and clean SharePoint intranet site, it’s time to think about governance. Good governance is critical going forward to ensure that all your hard work does not go to waste. Periodic reviews of the structure and content of sites should be conducted to ensure that information is not being duplicated across the site.


From greater accessibility to information to increased productivity, there are many benefits that SharePoint can bring to your organization when designed and implemented correctly. Make sure that you pay attention to this aspect when developing your SharePoint site.
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